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Unlike other tutorials, I created one article for one task, “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Online Tutoring” I will make some series, because of the amount of material that will be covered. And I think it would be nice if one part is preceded by a more basic part. This is the first Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Online Tutoring section, which will discuss how to import files into the Lightroom gallery. Previously I apologize if this tutorial is boring because it is so. So I made some series so as not to get crazy.

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Before we begin, we should understand that unlike other photo management app, editing done in Lightroom is non-destructive. This is a rather strange term because although the result is good, it’s still destructive if the editing done changed the original photo. Lightroom, just “show” the edits, and do not tamper with the original file, until we order to export our edits. And that too without modifying the original file. Can be understood right? If not, do not worry, we still have many series to go.

Importing Files

Once we put the SD Card into the computer, maybe Lightroom will immediately open and ask what will be done with the photos. If not, open Lightroom and go to File> Import Photos and Videos. (Yes, Lightroom can also edit the video, but only the coloring stage).

Watch the video on how to choose which photos to include in the gallery, and which ones are not. After that, look at the bottom right, in the destination. That’s where your new files will be copied

At the top there is an option Copy As DNG, Copy, Move and Add.

  1. Copy As DNG will copy and convert your RAW files into DNG format.
  2. The Copy option will copy and leave the original file on SD Card.
  3. Move option will move your file, the file on SD Card is gone.
  4. Add will only add new files without duplicating or any changes in the original file.

Please experiment with this section to familiarize yourself.

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Grouping Photos By Orientation

Whether you’re a studio photographer or a street photography lover, separating photos and grouping them based on landscape and portrait orientation can be a killer of fun. And do you believe I’ve ever been paid just to separate product photos based on their orientation? For a decent fee, I can group hundreds of photos in just one minute (psst, he does not know until now). I show you the secrets in the following video:

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Go to Library
  2. Cmd/Ctrl + F to open the search panel
  3. Click Metadata
  4. Change whatever it is in the last panel, and change it to Aspect Ratio
  5. Choose either one, each choice contains different orientation (portrait/landscape).

The next thing you have to do is grouping both in separate folders. The same method applies when you want to separate photos by the camera, lens, and other crazy metadata.

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I think that concludes Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Online Tutoring pt.01. See you in part 2.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Online Tutoring pt.01

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