Free Photoshop Alternatives

Free Photoshop Alternatives: Photoshop is by far the most powerful and famous image editor, even to those who never actually use it. It has become a verb among people…

Just Photoshop it!

Sounds familiar?

But, not everyone has the luxury of using Photoshop. These are some of the reason among others:

  1. High Price
  2. Hardware specification
  3. Currently away from the computer (with the Photoshop installed)

So, these are the free Photoshop alternatives if you happen to be in one of three situations I described above:

Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor is a free web application powered by HTML 5, it offers basic photo adjustment and most surprisingly, a great one-click HDR feature. Check the video below:

No installation needed, you just have to go to its website, or by installing the Web Apps here.


Pixlr took the function offered by Fotor even deeper. It can do layering task as well as blending mode, just like in Photoshop. Like Fotor, Pixlr needs no installation. All you need is the internet connection.

Also read: How to edit photos using an old computer.

Get Pixlr here.


Unlike both samples above, GIMP runs natively on your computer. It supports all operating system. Like Pixlr, it can deal with layers, blending mode and transparency. By far, GIMP is the closest to Photoshop in this list.


I can’t believe that this is a freeware. With a very nice GUI and user-friendly user interface, it offers even wider adjustment option than the others. If you need a quick editor, then this is your tool. If you want to spend hours polishing your photos, Polarr will also come in handy. Have I mentioned that it’s available offline too?

Get Polarr here.

So, that was what on my list of free Photoshop alternatives. I will keep adding the list, so… be sure that you have followed this web by clicking the red bell button.

Free Photoshop Alternatives

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