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Making Fantasy Movie With Good Green Screen Background: Once upon a time, the uses of green screens became a luxury for video lovers, even for professional videographers. They had understood the use of chroma key, and it should also be assisted with advanced equipment and high level of patience while waiting for the results of rendering.

Our topic this time is not just about the use of green screen in the video, but also in photography. Yeah yeah, lots of great people who are painstakingly able to separate an object from a photo. But, we must be able to separate the heavy worker from the smart worker. I choose to be a smart worker (because I’ve been working hard for too long).


Our Goal

We will produce home movies. By “home”, means that we are going to create something that is not only worth watching on YouTube and Vimeo but also enough to be proud of as a portfolio.

What we will make does not depend on the duration. Long or short, the principle remains the same. Only, the effort and the cost might differ. We also use the various tools that can easily be found in our home as much as possible.

What? You live beside Best Buy!?! Even better!

Good Green Screen Background

You can use anything for this. The bigger the better. But remember, this background is named “Green” Screen for a reason (although not necessarily green). Why? We’ll talk about it later. Be creative! Blankets, bed sheets, even your house green or blue walls. Or, by pasting a few pieces of green/blue cardboard together.

And you also need a buffer to install your green screen. You can use a clothesline pole, tie it between poles, or just nail your background to the wall.

Have this in mind: It has to be flat and non-reflective.

Video Recorder

This could be your mobile phone, your prosumer camera, or even your father’s old camcorder (as long as there is a cable to transfer the video to your computer). In principle, anything that can capture animated objects.

A Computer

As already mentioned at the beginning of my writing this time, “once upon a time”, filmmaking is a luxury. Now, especially in making movies with good green screen background, we just simply use the MacBook with iMovie and Photoshop. You are free to choose any app to put the finishing touches on your movie. Here I will just explain the making using iMovie and Photoshop.

Never use iMovie? This iMovie Tutorial for Students will help you from A to Z.

Not using Photoshop? Take a look at these free alternatives to Photoshop.

…and last…

A Good Scenario and Storyboard

A good movie has a good scenario. This applies to everyone, even George Lucas, and Michael Bay needs a scenario. Everyone ends up getting bored just by watching the special FX continuously. No matter how sophisticated. For a more extreme example is, Pixar’s success made their first short movie very “alive”.

┬áIt’s best to create your own scenarios and give the task of making a better storyboard to your friends in visualizing the scenarios you create to make it easy for the actors to understand.

You can write anything you want. The easiest is to write your personal experience. With the risk of being laughed at by friends, who know it’s a good thing? If there is still no idea, try to make a parody of a movie or advertisement. Parody releases the author from copyright. Or are you one of the coolest people to do something spontaneously? Create a YouTube reaction video.

That concludes our topic about “Making Fantasy Movie With Good Green Screen Background”, go and try making your first shots.

We will continue in:

  1. Superimposing green screen videos in iMovie.
  2. Making a great movie cover using green screen and Photoshop.

See you!

Using Good Green Screen Background

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